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Research & Development

Designing smart solutions to everyday problems means spending plenty of time on development and research. The managers of Thule have always been conducting consumer research in order to investigate new shapes and designs. This actually includes lots of claims and warranty studies, focus groups, interviews with clients, surveys, etc. Thanks to the direct feedback from people Thule’s engineers are able to refine their products and enhance the overall user experience.

Latest Developments

Thule has a 3 year product plan determining new products and categories. So far, there are more than 500 patents setting the standard into this industry. One thing is 100% sure – the company will not stop making the life of everyday users easier.

Warranty & Claims Studies

Unlike many products, those of Thule are designed to last and due to this fact the company has been strictly monitoring the claims and warranties of their customers. The issues of users are closely watched and reviewed as this is the easiest way to learn from their mistakes and fix them in future. The feedback is also being monitored because this gives Thule a chance to gain insight on how to make their products even more user-friendly.

Smart Prototyping

Once a design has been researched and approved the managers and engineers start working together in order to provide the best concept and prototype. Plenty of time is being spent while analyzing the design patterns and deciding what kinds of materials should be used. After all, the final idea is clear – the design has to be optimal but it should not ruin the performance under any form. Finite Element Analysis test is always performed and if there are not weak spots the product is being passed to the Quality Test Center – there it goes under aggressive testing in order to be checked whether or not it is reliable.