Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

When it comes to carrying bulky gear on your Chrysler, roof racks can be indispensable. There are lots of things which just can't be placed into a trunk. A roof rack should be capable and good-looking. Its mounting system has to fix it safely and reliably on a roof, but the roof itself must not be damaged by a rack. You may choose from different rack systems depending on what you are going to carry – a ladder, a kayak, bikes, skis, building materials, and so on. Just make sure that total height of a vehicle will allow for convenient loading and unloading, and don't forget to check maximum roof load capacities both for your vehicle and a roof rack. For example, the maximum capacity of a roof rack for cars can be something around 150-200 lbs (see detailed product specifications) – it is much less than usual total capacity.

Thule roof racks guarantee not only security and safety, but also style. These aerodynamic and sleek racks will look great on your vehicle. Some Thule models are designed especially for pickup trucks and are mounted on vertical support bars. In each case, Thule roof racks will match a roof construction and will take the cargo capacity of your Chrysler to a new level.

Chrysler Thule Bike Rack