Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

Thule is well experienced in manufacturing products for adventure trips. People looking for backpacks and carriers for their travelling requirements should have a look at the range of products made for Opel. The bags and carriers come in various shapes and designs. One can be rest assured that they will find the product that is suitable for their travelling requirements and help them carry different belongings. With the Thule bags and cases there is no chance of any theft as the product is manufactured with proper lock system. The carriers come with large compartments and are very spacious. They are properly padded and have a slip pocket. There also the inclusion of secondary compartments in many bags and one can keep the extra luggage like snacks, electronics or magazines. These products are heat molded and come with a crush proof safezone.

The gears for Opel have proper airflow channels and your luggage gets the much needed ventilation. There are wide range of products that come with useful features. Some other useful features include dual opening, easy click in and click out handle bar attachment and rain cover. The excellent aerodynamic design of the bags makes it easy to carry them while on a ride.

Opel Thule Miscellaneous