Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

Make the right thing for your 2014 Jaguar XF and get one of Thule’s solutions. If you are wondering how is this going to help you…pretty simple. Many people enjoy leading intense way of life and in many cases this means lots of trips, equipment, adrenaline, etc. Probably the best partner in such situations is the Swedish company for car accessories.

There is barely a person who hasn’t been in front of the dilemma how to fit all this staff in his 2014 Jaguar XF. This is about to change because Thule’s racks will enhance your trip experience and make you enjoy every single second even more. The stylish look, combined with increased ergonomics will give you even more confidence while on the road. Your vehicle will have even more complete design while the fuel consumption will stay unchanged.
People all over the world have trusted Thule’s racks and are really happy with the results. Now you don’t have to worry how you are going to find enough space for your equipment, simply because everything will simply fit. There is no better solution to such problems.

One more thing – every single one of Thule’s racks is made of high quality materials ensuring it will last longer than expected. The installation and removal process has also been improved and it is now easier than ever. Take all of your things with you on your trips and enhance your driving experience thanks to Thule racks.

2014 XF Thule Racks

THULE® - Pulse L Cargo Box
THULE® 614 - Pulse L Cargo Box (67" L x 35" W x 16" H)
THULE® - Pulse XL Cargo Box
THULE® 615 - Pulse XL Cargo Box (76" L x 33" W x 16.5" H)