Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

Thule has been designing racks and carriers for different cars for quite some time now. The experts at Thule have a good understanding about the requirements of the cars and design products that prove to be useful and beneficial. The Thule roof cargo basket for the 2009 Smart Car Fortwo has been given a unique design and there has not been any compromise on the quality front. These cargo baskets have efficient carrying capacity and improve the comfort of the car. They come with good quality cords and straps that help the car owner to lock the valuables safely and go for long journeys. They are very compact and also help in protecting the belongings in bad road conditions. In difficult terrains the journey can prove to be difficult and there are chances of damage to the belongings but the roof cargo basket designed by Thule keep the valuables safe and protect them from any kind of damage.

The roof cargo basket designed for the 2009 Smart Car Fortwo cars the best option for going for road trips, holidays and enjoying the weekend sporting activities. The materials used in preparing these products are of high quality and Thule make sure that the clients are satisfied by company’s products.

2009 Fortwo Thule Roof Cargo Basket

THULE® - MOAB Roof Basket
THULE® - MOAB Roof Basket