Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

If you are going to travel somewhere and need to carry a bike on your Jaguar, consider a bike rack. It is a highly convenient and really indispensable device. It is extremely complicated to load it safely on a vehicle because of jutting out handlebar and pedals. But a bike rack makes it possible to fix a bike outside a car and does not take up a place inside a trunk. You may find a roof mounted bike rack as the best solution if your stature allows you to load and unload a bike over your head.

Your Jaguar can be equipped with horizontal rails and crossbars, which are used for cargo boxes, skis, and surfboards along with a bike. If it does not have them from the factory, you can install them yourself, using the appropriate systems by Thule. This manufacturer specializes in such products and makes them highly reliable, convenient, and safe both for a vehicle and for a bike. There are some bike rack constructions using different methods of holding a bike, so choose the necessary one depending on a type of your bike. Thule bike racks will make your biking tours much easier.

Jaguar Thule Roof Mount