Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

A roof rack is a very convenient system for carrying bulky gear. Similar to any other automotive system, a roof rack may require additional accessories. If you are going to mount additional parts on the roof rack of your 1991 Lincoln Continental, or just need to repair the rack, consider products by Thule. It can be foot packs and adapter kits for installing of additional bars, load stops for eliminating slide of your stuff out of the rack, air screens for aerodynamics and style, and other parts allowing you for carrying some specific things like a bike or a kayak.

Thule develops various roof rack systems and a wide range of accessories for different purposes including heavy-duty application. Since its foundation in 1942, this experienced manufacturer has been aspiring to perfection and has already achieved impressive results in this sphere. All accessories are easy for installation, convenient and safe in use, stylish, and reliable. A wide assortment of Thule accessories is available in our web store, so just select and order a required product, and upgrade your 1991 Lincoln Continental with an improved roof rack, or just install a new one.

1991 Continental Thule Roof Rack Accessories

THULE® - Fairing
THULE® 872XT - Fairing (44")
THULE® - 2-Pack Lock Cylinder
THULE® - Lock Cylinder (2-Pack)
THULE® - Load Stops
THULE® - Load Stops
THULE® - End Cap Pack
THULE® - End Cap Pack
THULE® - TK Base Cover
THULE® - TK Base Cover
THULE® - Xadapt7 Adapter Kit
THULE® Xadapt7 - Xadapt7 Adapter Kit
THULE® - Xadapt9 Adapter Kit
THULE® Xadapt9 - Xadapt9 Adapter Kit
THULE® - Xadapt8 Adapter Kit
THULE® Xadapt8 - Xadapt8 Adapter Kit
THULE® - Xadapt2 Adapter Kit
THULE® Xadapt2 - Xadapt2 Adapter Kit