Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

The huge variety of Thule spare tire mounts makes it easier for every person to choose the proper model for his 1992 Lincoln Continental. Many people underestimate the power of such solutions by Thule, but the real thing here is that they are more than valuable due to many facts. If you like to take long trips with your car, it is always better to be safe than sorry. What we are trying to say here is the fact that Thule’s designers have given their best to deliver such great solutions in the area of spare tire mount.

The “devices” can be easily installed on every part of your car – behind  it, under it, or at its top – the only thing you should do is to find the proper model that will suit your 1992 Lincoln Continental and that’s it. Be prepared for any occasions with the help of Thule – the world leading manufacturer for car accessories.

The quality of the offered products is stunning. You can be sure that your tire will fit perfectly into the mount – the grip is great and it will not get lost while on the go. There are different sizes of tire mounts that you can use, so it would be better for you to know the size of your 1992 Lincoln Continental’s tires – it will make the choosing process a lot easier.  Take the tripping experience to a new, more protected level with the help of Thule and their spare tire mount offerings.

1992 Continental Thule Spare Tire Mount

THULE® - Spare Me Spare Tire Bike Rack
THULE® - Spare Me Spare Tire Bike Rack