Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!
Design Innovations

Active lifestyle is what inspires people at Thule to create new technical solutions. Keeping up with global technical progress, Thule aspires to make its products better. Vehicles are being changed constantly, so there is always something to invent or improve aiming convenient using, new possibilities, reliability, better materials, and so on for making your life easier. Indeed, Thule has really succeeded here. For example, Thule Easy-fit snow chain was the awarded innovation of the year in 2011 at EquipAuto in Paris. It makes chain fitting on a car as easy as never before.

Racks and carriers always contain elements exposed for abuse, and one of the most important tasks is to make them durable and wear-resistant. That's why only high-quality materials are used, and a design is elaborated carefully to reduce stresses in crucial points. As a result, all Thule products are built to last, with lifetime warranties. Innovations and designs by Thule go through research and development, and are tested to make sure that final products are the safest and the most durable.

Thule products are always recognized by ease of loading, simple mounting, and a perfect fit. But their design goes beyond function and safety, providing also style, clean aesthetics, and harmonious look with your vehicle or bike. Complemented by Thule products, a vehicle is not only functional, but also beautiful.