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Thule Partners in Sport

Thule supports the Extreme Challenge

Being a world leader in the area of transportation, Thule has many partners in sport. There are millions of active people all over the globe, both professionals and amateurs and due to this fact it is essential for them to transport their equipment seamlessly to every place they want. Thanks to Thule’s high quality and carefully designed solutions, this is now possible. All products are highly specialized and good looking – this is the equipment you are in need of in case you like leading an active way of life.

Thule Adventure Team

The Thule Adventure Team includes athletes from different sports. The people who are participating are Myriam “Mimi” Guillot, Per Vestling, Andreas Svanebo, Jacky Boisset, Martin Flinta and Eva Nystrom. The main idea that stands behind this team is to challenge the best in some of the toughest and most extreme adventure races all over the world. No effort will be spared by the adventure team to become number 1. Every single person is training at least 40 hours per week – the best way to build world-class stamina.

The whole collaboration between the company and the adventure team possess uniqueness of its kind. The simple solution of need for effective cargo, winter sport equipment, expensive bikes and long kayaks is delivered by Thule’s products. Having such a solid partner behind your back takes the sports experience to a whole new level – you will be able to transport your equipment, no matter of its size and weight, to any place in the world.