Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

Thule has been producing base rack systems for vehicles for a long a time now. The company has manufactured the racks according to the demands of the sporting world and ensured quicker and efficient transportation. The Thule base rack systems are durable and are known for their strength. Different base racks are required for different vehicles and before buying a rack one must have a look at the range of base racks manufactured by Thule. Once you get the rack that meets your requirements you can get them assembled and avail them in no time.

These base racks are considered to be great for the cyclists as it helps them to enjoy their active life freely. Along with the cyclists these base rack systems can be used by surfers and people who carry extra cargoes with them. Whether it is a hatchback, four door sedans or a coupe one can get ideal base rack systems that match the size and height of their cars. People who take part in different sporting events require the base rack systems on a regular basis. There are different accessories that are carried like the surfboard, kayak, canoe, snowboard, and ski. Before buying the base rack one should properly research so that they get value for money. Thule provides you base racks that are known for their usefulness and versatility. These are flexible base rack systems and when you are not using them for carrying sporting equipment you can carry some other cargo box that you may have.

The Thule base rack systems feature a snap on mounting system and also come with a good protection feature. They provide you the option to lock the equipment that you are carrying and remain tension free while you are travelling.

Thule Base Rack System