Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

If you like biking and tourism, you may find it exciting to explore new territories by bike. Beautiful nature, mountains, countryside, and other places which may be inaccessible for a car, can be discovered by bike. They can be far enough, but you can equip your BMW 6-Series with a bike rack and go. Otherwise, you will hardly be able to load a bike safely on the vehicle. Bike racks are designed mainly for mounting on a vehicle's roof or rear end. If you choose roof mounting, please make sure whether your BMW6-Series has horizontal rails or crossbars there, or just install them beforehand. Also, you have to be able to load and unload a bike over your head. As total height of the vehicle is increased much with a bike on top, please check the height of your garage or parking entrance.

Thule bike racks are highly reliable for carrying a bike. Each kind of a rack is tested in a manufacturer's laboratory by skilled experts before allowing it for selling. High-quality materials and elaborate construction make Thule bike racks really popular products, demanded by people who are hipped on traveling.

6-Series Thule Roof Mount