Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

There are lots of accessories which you may need for a roof rack of your Acura CL. Any part may wear over time or just because of abuse, but you can order a replacement part or accessory instead. The chance of damage always remains. For example, a heavy cargo can fall down during loading, or a lock cylinder can jam and operate worse over time. Some accessories are necessary for installation of additional rack parts. For example, cross foot packs let you install crossbars. Permanent top tracks allow for creating a roof mounting point for vehicles without a factory rack. Just browse our online catalog, and you will find any accessory you may need for the Acura CL including traverse foots, end caps, lock cylinders, air screens, top tracks, and so on.

Parts and accessories by Thule are very reliable and durable, so we offer products by this famous brand. For each specified roof rack model, Thule guarantees a perfect match of its accessories to other rack parts by Thule, as well as their safety and high level of quality. Outstanding functionality and utility are common features for all Thule products, as well as good style and nice appearance.

CL Thule Roof Rack Accessories