Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

StableCradles – if you haven’t heard of this technology, then you are probably not aware of the fact that Thule is the worldwide innovational leader in the area of car accessories. This is why if you have the Volvo XC90 but you lack of space there is only one proper solution – go for Thule. Thanks to their specially designed trunk mounts there is barely equipment that can’t be transported to every place in the world.

If you take a look at the array of various offers in the catalog you will see that there are lots of different models varying in shape size and style. Just pick up the one that will meet your requirements and start your trip. Along with the great materials used in the process of building, Thule’s trunk mounts are extremely easy for installation/removal so you will not have to waste your whole day trying to figure out how to place this think on the trunk of your car.

Pack up your thinks, load your trunk mount and go for an exciting journey with your family. Forget about worrying how to load all this gear in your Volvo XC90 – Thule has thought for everything so don’t worry – all you have to do is to enjoy your vacation. The trunk mounts can carry up to 3 bikes, but if you don’t want such a big one, you can purchase some of the other models with lower capacity, which are equally great and functional.

XC90 Thule Trunk Mount