Never sacrifice your luggage just because of your vehicle's little cargo space with Thule products!

Thule Car Rack Systems Limited Lifetime Warranty [Effective January 1, 2006]

All Thule brand car rack systems and their accessories manufactured by Thule and bought by any Thule representative will have warranty. The warranty, however, terminates in case the original owner sales the product to any other person.

Thule will remedy the defects in details, materials or workmanship by repairing or replacing, depending on the problem, without charging any additional costs. Thule keeps its right not to replace or repair the product. Instead the company may refund the owner with the corresponsive sum equal to the paid prices for purchasing.

There is no warranty for defects that are caused by normal tear and era, scratches, cosmetic rust, unlawful vehicle operation, accidents, modification or any type of self-repair tryings.

No warranty will be given for defects caused by conditions beyond Thule’s control such as misuses, failure to assemble, overloading, or misleading the written instructions and guidelines that come with the product.

No warranty will be given for products of Thule purchased outside of Canada, Mexico or the United States. The purchaser will be held responsible for the mailing costs.

Disclaimer of liability replacement or repair of a defective product or the issuance of credit or refund is purchaser’s exclusive remedy under the warranty. Keep in mind that any cost damage to the vehicle, cargo or other property or person is not a subject of this warranty.

The sole liability of Thule to any purchaser is limited to the remedy set in the above lines. Thule will not be held responsible for any lost sales, profits, incidents or for any kind of damage.